Mission Statement

Brandon University Fine Arts Student Association (BUFASA) board members:

Franchesca Hebert-Spence Chair
Timothy Brown Co-Chair
Jason Hrycuik Treasurer
Brittany Birch Events Coordinator
Jordan Septa Secretary

The Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of Art's temporary mission statement:

It is in the Brandon University Fine Arts Student Association’s (BUFASA) interests to serve the local community. The ways BUFASA means to serve its community is by showcasing their works in the Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of art. BUFASA also means to help to create more interest in visual art through means of paintings, ceramics, drawings, prints, photography and mixed media sculptures and paintings.

BUFASA is a student organization created by students with the assistance of the faculty to experience all aspects of being an actively working artist. These aspects range from developing ideas within the context of ancient art history to post modern ideals, technique of creating work through various mediums, going through the judging process and getting accepted or rejected by a judging panel and finally talking about art to the community.

BUFASA was also created to make the University experience a more positive experience through means of creating networks for fine arts students. How BUFASA aim’s to do this is through various means of hosting functions in the Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of Art ranging from Art Show openings to an annual barbeque at the beginning of the semester. Other functions may ensue at later dates.